Mexico | BIMBO, S.A. de C.V.
Jose Luis Rodrigues Errazu

Vehicle Director

Founded in Mexico in 1945, the Bimbo group is one of the world’s largest bread producers with operations in 18 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. The company owns 150 brands and produces approximately 5,000 types of products. Bimbo had its first taste of the potential of HINO trucks at the opening ceremony of HINO’s Mexican agent in 2007, and purchased a HINO 300 Series truck in March 2008.

In August of the same year, the company introduced two HINO 300 Series Hybrid to its fleet to test and evaluate hybrid trucks. Mr. Jose Luis Rodrigues Errazu, the person in charge of vehicle selection and maintenance says, “The trucks offer high basic performance such as driving and stopping, and the driver’s space is well designed for comfortable driving. The HINO 300 Series Hybrid are equipped with an idle-stop feature for reducing fuel consumption and we see this as one of the trucks’ advantages in terms of reducing transport costs.

We adopt many of the fuel-saving driving tips advised by HINO to reduce our transport costs, and as a result, we are happy with the level of fuel efficiency that these trucks afford. Right now, we are learning more about HINO’s after-sale services, and based on our past experience, we feel that the quality of HINO’s service is very high.

We also look forward to even more improvements to their after-sale services. HINO’s new factory in Mexico has begun operations, so this is very good news for us as well. For our company, HINO trucks help us expand our business opportunities.” Bimbo has been monitoring HINO Hybrid for nearly a year. The company plans to make a press release regarding the effect obtained by using hybrid trucks, and also formally introduce HINO Hybrid as a part of their fleet next year.