Yemen | Coca-Cola and Co.
Mr. Akhilesh Chauhan  

Finance Manager


The company currently operates 18 Hino trucks, and continues to increase the number of Hino trucks in its fleet every year.


The company’s red Hino trucks are a familiar sight in the cities.

“Our company is a branch of Coca-Cola International. We manufacture and distribute a variety of Coca-Cola products, primarily Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite. We cover the whole of Yemen and have distribution centers in major Yemeni cities. We use nearly 100 trucks at these centers, of which we operate a total of 18 HINO500 and HINO300 Series trucks. At present we are ordering 19 more trucks so there will soon be 37 Hino trucks in our fleet. We own trucks from other brands, but the proportion of Hino trucks in our fleet is growing. When we purchased our first Hino trucks, our aim was to see how they would fit into our operations compared to trucks from other manufacturers. A year later, it became obvious that the quality was superior to other brands. They have good fuel efficiency and good road performance, in addition to being very easy to maintain. We are also very happy with the after-sale services that come with the trucks, in particular being able to speak directly with staff members at our dealership, Sana’a Hino. When you look around at industry norms in the Yemeni market, Hino support services are head and shoulders above anything available here. Since Hino trucks are very efficient in terms of both fuel consumption and maintenance costs, they have made a positive impact on the profitability of our company as a whole. I should also point out that their spare parts are also very durable.”


Mr. Raidan al Hakimi
Fleet Manager

“Hino has been a very well known and reputable name in Yemen for many years. We heard stories about how Hino trucks purchased in the 1970s are still be well operated. I am responsible for all of the cars and trucks in use at our company, and I had heard many good things about Hino even before we began purchasing them. I also knew that AMTC was in charge of Hino’s after-sale services. Toyota has many service branches throughout Yemen, and because our business covers the whole of Yemen, it is a great advantage for us to have access to service branches in many parts of the country. Once we actually began operating Hino trucks, I felt that they exceeded our expectations. They have powerful engines, and are more fuel- and oil-efficient. They also provide great after-sale services, and whatever the problem may be, it is addressed promptly by the staff. So we intend to purchase more Hino trucks in the future and we look forward to establishing a great relationship with Hino.”


Mr. Saleh Kamel

“Hino trucks are excellent. They are the best of all the trucks I’ve driven in the past, both in terms of loading and road performance. Everything about them is great, to the point that I can’t think of anything that I’m not happy about. I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience.”